The tenant recognizes to have received the vehicle in good working order, with equipment, accessories and usual titles (insurance certificate and the photocopy of the corresponding certified car registration document). In the absence of reserves at departure on the state of the body, or the internal cockpit, the tenant will be responsible for damages caused on the return to the vehicle. The tenant has only the legal guarding of the vehicle until the return to the renter out. The non-return will be considered as a misappropriation entail of the legal proceedings and the decay of the profit of the insurance. The price of the rent is of until return by the tenant of the vehicle, keys, and above-mentioned titles, the tenant will have to settle the price of the rent until production of a certificate of loss, as well as the expenses of delivery of duplicate. The return of the vehicle will have to take place necessarily during the opening hours of the agency HELIOS CAR RENTAL in dates and times planned to the contract signed by the tenant. In the absence of reserves at first on the state of the body, the tenant will be responsible for damages noticed on the return to the vehicle.
The rent is granted on the only signatory of the contract. The driver of the vehicle must be before hand approved by the renter out. He acts as representative of the tenant, who remains responsible for the vehicle in common with the driver. The driver has to be a holder of the driving licence of more than two years, of current validity and corresponding to the category of the rented vehicle. He has to conform to the rules of conduct planned by the Traffic Rules and to the current police regulations.

A) Le tenant and / or the driver makes a commitment to use the vehicle in good head of family, and to transport only goods corresponding to the use for which the vehicle is intended, not to charge materials susceptible to damage, in particular inflammable or explosive materials, nor radioactive products.

B) The vehicle cannot be to use for the transport, in return for remuneration, for the learning of the driving, for the trials or the preparation of automobile sporting events or recognition of routes of rally, or by every persons under influence of spirit or narcotics.

C) In case of non-observance of these prescriptions, the tenant would be responsible for harmful consequences, whatever is their importance and would be deprived of one’s rights of the profit of the insurance except legal guarantee and would have at his expense all the diverse expenses and the compensations caused.

D) All advertising of whatever nature is forbidden on all the vehicles, except preliminary agreement.

E) Le tenants and\or the drivers are responsible for the current maintenance of the vehicle (level of water, oil, any fluids, of appropriate antifreeze agent, pressure of tires).

1. Civil liability
The renter out signed an insurance policy for the risk “Civil liability” which can fall to the tenant within the limits of the law of February 27th, 1958 establishing a compulsory insurance in circulation of the power-driven ground vehicles. Have insured quality: the tenant of the vehicle, every guard or the driver beforehand authorized by the renter out. The vehicle is insured only for a period of the rent indicated on the front of the contract. Past this deadline and unless the extension is accepted, the renter out disclaims all liability for the accidents which the tenant would have been able to cause and with whom he will have to deal personally.

2. Other guarantees
The vehicle is insured with comprehensive insurance, with a maximum deductible: 1.200 €. The vehicle is insured against the accidental fire with the exception of clothes, animals or transported goods for which the tenant remains his own insurer. The vehicle is insured against the theft. The tenant were given custody of the vehicle makes a commitment, outside periods driven to connect the alarm if necessary, to lock the vehicle, to lock the anti-theft device, not to leave papers in this one.
a) In case of theft, the tenant has to put back keys and papers of the stolen vehicle, as well as receipt of declaration of theft with the Police, within 24 hours, not included every Sundays and official’s holidays. In that case and if the conditions were respected, the tenant settles the reduced amount of the deductible or the deductible corresponding to the category of the vehicle according to the current price list. In defect, any delay of declaration or non compliance with the conditions, entail a forfeiture of guarantee and the stolen vehicle will be charged to the tenant on the basis of the invoice until the return of the vehicle if this one is less than 6 months old, otherwise on the value Argus H.T. and the accessories of the book value, increased by 10 % as penalty. The same matter for 2 wheels.
b) The responsibility of the tenant for the accidental damage of the vehicle is committed up to the total or partial deductible following the current general price list given to the tenant at the time of the rent of the vehicle. This amount of deductible will be collected by the renter out in wait of a survey report, even in case of absence of damage in the vehicle of the renter out. So many deductible as the declared disaster will be charged to the tenant. The amount of this invoice (s) will be restored to the not responsible tenant if and when the opposite company will entirely have indemnified the renter out for any damage resulting from the accident. c) The total deductible will be chargeable to the tenant when the damages caused to the vehicle result: – Of a violation characterized by the Traffic rules such as the non-compliance with a red light, to circulate on the left part of the road, drive in one-way street, drink driving, etc. … – Of a carelessness of the tenant in the conduct, the car park or the general use of the vehicle and in particular any damages arisen under the vehicle and any damage consecutive to the incapacity of water level, oil and the other fluids. – Incomplete or non-exploitable, illegible accident reports, for example unsigned by one or several drivers implied in the accident, The insurance of the goods and the animals rest chargeable to the tenant.

3. Stay completely chargeable to the tenant : the damage caused in the vehicle in the low parts (under the axis of wheels), shocks against pavements or quite other object of the road, in tops in the steering wheel, in case of clashes against bridges, tunnel, signs, branches of trees, etc. the knocks on the roof, the deteriorations of top, tyres, wheel rims, rear-view mirrors, and the other accessories such as car radio, window side glass. The expenses of repatriation and fixed immobilization as a result of breakdowns resulting from carelessness, failure of the tenant, the desertion of the vehicle, theft, accident.

A compensation in case when the vehicle is restored to the state of wreck, equivalent in thirty days of the daily price list. Will be considered as wreck everything conveys whose cost of repair will be equal or upper to the market value. The damages caused to the vehicle by the transport of any object, goods or animals. The repairs, exchange parts resulting from an abnormal wear (clutch), from carelessness, from a loss, from a theft, from indefinite cause. (The tenant cannot take care of works of repair or of maintenance except preliminary agreement written by the renter out. The damage caused in the vehicle in case of drink-driving either under the influence of drug, in case of use of the vehicle attributed under a false name, a false quality, or a false age.

4. Accidents – Statements :
Any accident has to be immediately and at the latest within 24 hours indicated in writing to the renter out, at the risk of forfeiture of the profit of the insurance. The tenant and\or the drivers will owe: – if there are wounded persons, to warn the authorities of Police, to draft legibly an accident report specifying the detailed circumstances of the accident, if that was the case and to get itself names and witnesses of the accident in all the measure of the possible. In defect the tenant will have to pay by rights a minimal equal compensation in the amount of the deductible.

The tenant can aspire to no discount if the vehicle is rented in a price list other one than the basic rate. On no account, he can aspire to the accumulation of tariff advantages on the same contract. Any incident or dispute can, at the request of the parts, give rise to a contradictory expertise within 8 days at the expense of the applicant. Any complaint relative to the present contract or to the invoicing must be formulated at the latest one month as from the date of broadcast of the invoice. The present contract can be modified only by written amendment, signed by both parties. The supply of the fuel and the supplements of oil or the others are chargeable to the tenant The tenant remains only responsible, by virtue of the article 21 of the prescription N 58-121 of December 15th, 1958, the fines, the fines, the reports and customs pursuits, established in conformance with his period of rent. As a consequence it makes a commitment to pay off HELIOS CAR RENTAL any expenses of this nature possibly paid in its places and place. No in no event the tenant can protest of damages or for a delay in the delivery of the vehicle, the cancellation of the rent or the fixed the immobilization, in the case of breakdowns or repairs intervened during the rent. The renter out cannot have person in charge of the losses, the thefts, the damage caused in any properties and some values transported or left by the tenant, or quite other person, in or on the vehicle during the duration of the present contract or after return of the vehicle with the renter out. The tenant loosens expressly the renter out of any responsibility in this respect.
The prepayment of the rent and the payment of the deposit are determined, by the current price lists with which the tenant declares to have acquainted and payable in the discount of the vehicle. Of express agreement, the amount of the deposit is acquired to HELIOS CAR RENTAL in case of not payment of the rents, for the damage in vehicles within the limits of the conditions of the deductible if accident, for not return of the vehicle, except case of absolute necessity, after formal demand by registered letter, under 24 hours. On no account the deposit is comparable to the deductible. The reservations for a definite model of vehicle are firm and definitive only after payment of deposit. In case a reservation duly registered would come to be cancelled, without advance notice, the tenant would be indebted of the compensation corresponding to the duration of planned provision. With an advance notice of at least 48 hours, the compensation will be returned to 30 % of the total amount of the planned rent. If the tenant wishes to prolong the rent he will ask for the agreement of the renter out and will settle the amount of additional period with the expiration of the first period of current rent. Unless otherwise agreed written, a day of rent gets for 24 hours, the hour at the hour. Every day of begun rent is entirely due.
The monthly paid plans of rent are payable beforehand and charged a month integer from day to day. It was expressly advisable that in case of not payment when due of a single term of rent or non-fulfilment of one of the obligations stake chargeable to the tenant, and 8 days after formal demand by registered letter with recorded delivery remained ineffective, the contract can be cancelled by rights if good seem to the renter out. In this eventuality the tenant will have to his expenses restore immediately / the vehicle (s) in good condition, in a place fixed by the renter out, with keys, car registration document, green card and any documents of the renter out put handed to the delivery. Of more the tenant will lose profit of the price list ” average duration “, for which will be substituted by rights the price list then current “short duration” for the whole planned rent and it, in a retroactive way. For the rents of long and average lasted the tenant will owe during the signature of the contract, to put back either a check of the global amount of the planned rent, or so many titles of accepted payments as he will be planned of month of rent, every title of payment of an amount equal to the monthly of the rent, the last one possibly settling besides the time of rent.
The tenant is indebted: – fees mentioned on the front. – Some fuel – Expenses incurred by the renter out in case of driving offenses committed by the tenant in particular the expenses of pound. – Of a compensation equal to expenses and possible fees of covering paid by the renter out in case of voluntary not payment of the tenant. – Of any taxes and taxes owed on the above-mentioned payments. – Of the possible balance remaining due and payable counting in the return of the vehicle. – The not payment of an invoice in its term or the extension without agreement of the renter out pulls the return of the vehicle and the payment by the tenant of a 20 % penalty clause of the sums staying due without it is need of a preliminary formal demand, contrary to the article 1153 of the Code Civil and according to the article 1226 of the Code Civil. The possible expenses of fixed immobilization because of the driver calculated on the basis of the daily price list.
Any contesting which can arise between the parties and having its origin in the execution, the interpretation or the consequences of the present contract will be carried in front of the jurisdictions the head office of the renter out of which depends in case of plurality of defenders or appeals in guarantee.